Fairy Wings: Almost Autumn


Almost Autumn Fairy Wings

Having learnt from the mistake of making the wings the night before the party last time I allowed a whole week for making these, which turned out to be just about the right amount of time it took to strip the material off of the previous year's frames and make them properly.

The colour scheme didn't quite turn out as planned. I was aiming for an autumn-y feel with lots of browns, reds and oranges but after a minor hiccup involving a dried-out tube of red acrylic paint and a white-tile wall the red was no more, and I mistakenly used dark purple as a substitute. Brown would've just looked weird after that, so yellow stepped in instead.

Almost Autumn Fairy Wings - Progress Shot

They so rock :D Methinks I need more practice, these things are fun as hell to make!

Materials: 1 pair of stockings, 2 coat hangers, cheap acrylic paint, ribbons, orange electrical wire, loose gold glitter

Construction Tutorial from: [link]