Fairy Wings - Dark Twist


Dusty Pink Heart Earrings

Another set of wings for halloween. I like the shape, but the paint job didn't turn out quite as good as I'd hoped; I intended on using a black/silver colour scheme from the beginning, but it feels like there's something missing. Green glitter was a last-minute addition to liven it up a bit, I think it was a good call but there's still something amiss.

Followed the tutorial from here again, thought the video version made some of the steps a lot clearer (and caused an overdose of glitter; freepouring makes it really thick). The wing tips were more pointy in my original design, but the frame needed to be wider to stretch the toe of the stockings properly.

A lot of sites recommend using 14 gauge wire or thicker which sounds about right, but take it from me, aluminium is not the metal of choice. It is lightweight which is ideal, but buckles like crazy and when I wore them out I spent most of the evening trying to bend the wings back into shape. Attaching the straps to the wings themselves is only a good move if the wire is strong enough to take it, it works really well for keeping the wings the right way up but if the wire is too soft it bends the frames in the process. Maybe theyd've fared a little better if those straps were anchored to the centrepoint or a harness of some sort.

Also discovered DIY wet pallettes for acrylic paint and they are a godsend; it was an absolute nightmare when the paint kept drying out too fast after squeezing it out of the tube. I have no clue how I managed to work with the stuff last time.

14 gauge Aluminium wire (not recommened), stockings, glitter, acrylic paint, cheap liquid paint (far easier to use imo), ribbons, you get the rest