Polymer Clay

Portal: Companion Cube Keyring

Companion Cube Keyring

The Weighted Companion Cube will accompany you throughout the duration of this test. On your keys.

Fimo Soft polymer clay.

Kingdom Hearts: Heartless Keyblades Keyring

Heartless Keyblade Keyring

Product of a spiralling idea to make a heartless keyring out of some leftover fabric. The fabric was too fiddly so I jumped to polymer clay in an attempt to use up a crumbly block of black Fimo. I'd seen some cheap knock-off silver keyblades on Ebay and decided to add two of those, but it was all getting a bit silly by the time I worked out the postage so I figured I'd have a go at making my own. Plus I don't think they sell Soul Eaters with Way to the Dawn handles. :)

It took ages to mix the dark blue clay, black is a really powerful colour and even though I thought I only used a little bit it completely drowned the blue at first. I prefer the finish of raw clay to varnish so I sanded and buffed the piece as much as I could without risking breaking the blades. Used just a little bit of varnish to seal the silver powder and to make the "gemstones" look shiny.

Fimo Soft polymer clay, copper wire

Pinky-Purple Poly Cubes

Pinky-Purple Poly Cubes bracelet

Fimo Soft polymer clay, silver-plated spacers, beading wire

Sky Butterflies Keyring


Sky Butterflies Keyring

I learnt a valuble lesson in the world of polymer clay here: never throw failed attempts in the bin because I managed to turn a botched skinner blend that got stuck to the board into this. Considering it was a salvage job, I'm rather pleased with it :)

Fimo ploymer clay, silver plated findings

Fire red mix - First attempt

Fire red mix polymer clay beads

Fimo Soft polymer clay